Saturday, January 22, 2011

How to Setup WOTgreal

Today, I'll help you out in installing and setup WOTgreal , an editor for unreal scripting. It comes with Intellisense ( a feature made popular by Microsoft Visual Studio), which really helps in faster and better coding.

I am not saying, it is the only editor solution out their, but it is one of the most convenient after Notepad++.

First of all, download WOTgreal from here , along with  WOTgreal development kit.
We need the development kit to enable some of the features, which are not available with installer package.

Install the WOTgreal with defaults. Do not start the program yet. Unzip the development kit and copy all of the files in main WOTgreal installation folder.

Now, start the WOTgreal and wait for it to load the initial start setup.

  1. Setup Wizard :  press next.
  2. Configure Game Type: Do not select anything and press next.
  3. Configure Look & Feel : choose Keyboard settings, Highlighter settings  & Skins. I usually leave it as it is.
  4. Class / Package Tree : keep the check box checked and press next.
  5.  WOTgreal will ask you to associate .uc file with it. Press "Yes".
  6. We are ready to work.

WOTGreal first startup

On menu bar, select Options , which results in a dialog window by the name of "Preferences".
General Information pre-selected

In left side list pane, all options are presented in categorize form , with "General Information" selected with result showing off in right side pane.

Select "Game Information" from left side pane.
Select Edit Game Type

Press button labeled "Edit Game Types" , which results in following window;
Configure Game Types

Press "Add".
Enter the following data in resulting window.
  • Display Name : UDK
  • Game Exe Name : udk
  • Map File Filter : UDK Map Files (*.udk)|*.udk
  • Map File Extension : .udk
  • Menu Name : UDK
  • Allow Mutator : Checked
  • Use "Extends" instead of "Expands": Checked
  • Game Architecture : UDK Selected
Edit Game Type Window with my Selection

Close "Edit Game Types", you will be directed to "Preferences" window.
Select "UDK" from Game Types and enter the following information accordingly;
  • Game INI file : UDKEngine.ini (It can be found in UDKGame\Config\ folder)
  • User INI : UDKGame.ini (It can be found in UDKGame\Config folder)
  • UCC.exe File : UDK.exe (Binaries\Win32\ folder )
  • Game Root Dir : It reflects your game folder  in \Development\Src\ folder)
  • Source Root Dir : \Development\Src
  • Log Dir : \UDKGame\Logs
  • Test Map : Name of the map you want to use (usually ExampleMap.udk)
Completed Game Information Window

Note : you must select the exact directories, as show above on your system drive.

Following information is originally taken from forums at epic games.
Originally posted by Blade[UG]

Select "Compile & Debugging" from left side pane in "Preferences" window.

  • leave "Pre-Compile" tab as it is.
  • Select "Run this program /batchfile /command line to compile" in "Compile" tab
  • Click "Default UCC switches" and select "-silent" option.
  • Check "Let WOTgreal parse log file " option from "Post-Compile" tab.
  • Click "Apply"  button to get back to main WOTgreal editor window.
Compile Tab with Default UCC Selection WIndow

Post-Compile Window

Your are back in your WOTgreal IDE and all of the packages are visible in left pane.

Happy Coding :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Unreal Development Kit

Hello Everyone!

I have downloaded the latest release of UDK (Unreal Development Kit) a couple of week back and instantly got caught by the power it hand overs to a simple user like me.

It is the same Game Editor, which is used to create AAA titles like Mass Effect, Bioshock & Gears of War , and EPIC has given it to simple modders and gamers like me.

You can download a copy from the following link,

Documentation is available at ,

I have started this blog to let you know about the progress i have made with this tool and how to make it.

See you soon!