Monday, February 3, 2014

UV-Projection Modifier - Blenders Way to Model for Game Engines

You can use this with Projection Mapping Modifier. I have added 6 cameras for projection mapping (Layer 2). You can easily extrude and manipulate your texture size as well. No need to unwrap the model. Just apply the Modifier and you are good to go

Step 1: Add A Cube and in edit mode, just unwrap (default, without seams) and keep it selected.
Step 2: Move to front View, by Pressing 1 on NumPad.
Step 3: In modifier Panel add "UVProject" to Cube.
Step 4: In "UVProject" load Image of your liking (This will be projected on the mesh. Tileable Image is good choice. Also select cube uvmap.
Step 5: Deselct Cube and Select Default Camera.
Step 6: Press Ctrt+Alt+0 on NumPad to move your camera view in front. From here you can adjust the size of Image Projection (How big or small you want your texture to show up) .
(NOTE : Ensure your camera lens is Orthographic, otherwise, your texture is going to scale, as soon as you go near the camera).
Step 7: After you are satisfied with the size of image projection. Continue with Duplicating the camera for Top, Down, Right, Left & Back View. Rotate all of them on 90 Degree angle (Make sure, Pivot is on "3d Cursor").
Step 8: Select Cube and in "UVProject" Modifier , just below "IMAGE" set the projection to 6 and start adding your cameras for all 6 views.

Now, your good to go with unwrapping. This method is really useful, when your are trying to create levels for game. The only thing required is to Have a good Texture , properly set for Projection.

 Here is Blend File Link : UVProjectionBlend

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